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Reveille Russet: An Early, Widely Adapted, High-Count-Carton Russet for the Fresh Market

Miller, J.C., Jr, Scheuring, D.C., Koym, J.W., Holm, D.G., Pavek, J.J., Novy, R.G., Whitworth, J.L., Stark, J.C., Charlton, B.A., Yilma, S., Knowles, N.R., Pavek, M.J., Nunez, J.J., Wilson, R., Brown, C.R., Shock, C.C., Long, C.M.
American journal of potato research 2018 v.95 no.1 pp. 79-86
Solanum tuberosum, breeding, color, cultivars, fresh market, germplasm releases, hollow heart, second growth, skinning, tubers
Reveille Russet (ATX91137-1Ru) is a uniform, medium-early, high yielding, high pack-out, fresh market russet cultivar, with wide adaptability, released by Texas A&M AgriLife Research in 2015. It resulted from a cross of Bannock Russet(♀) and breeding clone A8343–12(♂). Reveille Russet produces attractive, oblong tubers, with medium russeting, white flesh and excellent culinary qualities. It has a lower incidence of internal defects and a higher percentage of marketable tubers in the 170 to 284 g and 284 to 510 g (6 to 10 oz. and 10 to 18 oz.) size classes than Russet Norkotah. Reveille Russet is resistant to hollow heart, second growth and blackspot bruise. It also stores longer and tends to wound-heal to a lighter brown color upon skinning during harvest and/or handling than Russet Norkotah.