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Myrcia sylvatica essential oil mitigates molecular, biochemical and physiological alterations in Rhamdia quelen under different stress events associated to transport

Saccol, Etiane M.H., Jerez-Cepa, Ismael, Ourique, Giovana M., Pês, Tanise S., Gressler, Luciane T., Mourão, Rosa H.V., Martínez-Rodríguez, Gonzalo, Mancera, Juan M., Baldisserotto, Bernardo, Pavanato, Maria A., Martos-Sitcha, Juan A.
Research in veterinary science 2018 v.117 pp. 150-160
Myrcia, Rhamdia quelen, brain, complementary DNA, corticotropin-releasing hormone, cortisol, essential oils, ethanol, fish, gene expression, glucose, homeostasis, lactic acid, messenger RNA, metabolism, plastic bags, ponds, prolactin, sedatives, tranquilizers
The effects of pre-transport handling and addition of essential oil of Myrcia sylvatica (EOMS) during transport on stress pathways activation in Rhamdia quelen were investigated. Fish (n=400, 25.2±2.9g) were captured in production ponds and transferred to 100-L tank (density 100g L−1). After 24h, 10 fish were sampled (before transport group). The remaining fish were placed in plastic bags (n=30 or 32 fish per bag, density 150g L−1) containing 5L of water (control), ethanol (315μLL−1, vehicle) or EOMS (25 or 35μLL−1), in triplicate, transported for 6h and sampled (n=10 animals per group). Indicators of stress and metabolism, as well as mRNA expression of brain hormones were evaluated. Previously, full-length cDNAs, encoding specific corticotropin-releasing hormone (crh) and proopiomelanocortins (pomca and pomcb), were cloned from whole brain of R. quelen. Crh expression increased after 24h of capture and handling, whereas cortisol and glucose plasmatics enhanced their values in the control group. Transport with EOMS reduced plasma cortisol and lactate levels, while ethanol and EOMS groups increased Na+/K+-ATPase gill activity compared to control. Gene expression of crh, pomcb, prolactin and somatolactin mRNAs were lower after transport with EOMS compared to control. EOMS was able to mitigate the stress pathways activation caused by transport, maintaining a balance in body homeostasis. Thus, EOMS is recommended as sedative in procedures as transport and the pre-transport handling requires greater attention and use of tranquilizers.