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Zwitterionic starch-based hydrogel for the expansion and “stemness” maintenance of brown adipose derived stem cells

Dong, Dianyu, Hao, Tong, Wang, Changyong, Zhang, Ying, Qin, Zhihui, Yang, Boguang, Fang, Wancai, Ye, Lei, Yao, Fanglian, Li, Junjie
Biomaterials 2018 v.157 pp. 149-160
cardiomyocytes, cell proliferation, chemical reactions, hydrogels, modulus of elasticity, moieties, myocardial infarction, neotypes, polyethylene glycol, starch, stem cells, strength (mechanics), zwitterions
Brown adipose derived stem cells (BADSCs) have become a promising stem cell treatment candidate for myocardial infarction because of their efficiently spontaneous differentiation capacity towards cardiomyocytes. The lack of existing cell passage protocols motivates us to develop a neotype 3D cell expansion technique for BADSCs. In this study, “clickable” zwitterionic starch based hydrogels are developed using methacrylate modified sulfobetaine derived starch with dithiol-functionalized poly (ethylene glycol) as crosslinker via the “thiol-ene” Michael addition reaction. Moreover, CGRGDS peptide is immobilized into the hydrogel via a similar “clickable” approach. Their Young's moduli range from 22.28 to 74.81 kPa depending on the concentration of precursor solutions. Excellent anti-fouling property is also presented owing to the introduction of zwitterionic moieties. BADSCs are homogeneously encapsulated in the hydrogels and then routinely cultured for 10 days. Results suggest a capacious cell proliferation and the extent increases with either the decrease of mechanical strength or the introduction of CGRGDS. More excitingly, the cell “stemness” is well maintained during this period and the expanded cells released from the hydrogels well keep the efficiently spontaneous cardiomyogenic differentiation capacity. Therefore, it is suggested that zwitterionic starch based hydrogel is able for the expansion and “stemness ” maintenance of BADSCs.