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Alam El Bueib reservoir characterization, Tut oil field, North Western Desert, Egypt

Metwalli, FaroukI., Pigott, JohnD., Ramadan, FatmaS., El-Khadragy, AliA., Afify, WaleedA.
Environmental earth sciences 2018 v.77 no.4 pp. 143
correlation, oil fields, permeability, porosity, shale, Egypt
An integrated petrophysical well log and core data analysis of the Alam El Bueib-3D (AEB-3D) and Alam El Bueib-3E (AEB-3E) reservoirs, Tut oil field, North Western Desert, Egypt, allows the evaluation of those parameters critical to their reservoir characterization. The determined reservoir properties investigated are lithology, depositional paleoenvironments, shale volume, porosity, fluid saturation and net pay thickness. As the analysis of reservoir pressure is essential to specify the driving mechanisms that control the behavior of fluids within reservoirs, pressure analysis identified the Alam El Bueib-3D reservoir to be partial water drive and Alam El Bueib-3E to be an active water drive. In addition, the pressure analysis identified two additional hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs in the Alam El Bueib-3D. Stacking patterns of the Alam El Bueib-3D reservoirs are generally fining upward sequences reflecting fluvial to braided fluvial paleoenvironments. The Alam El Bueib-3E channel shows blocky patterns with sharp bases and tops diagnostic of distributary channels. Statistical analysis of core permeability and porosity values of the Alam El Bueib reservoirs indicate very good reservoir quality. Scatter diagrams of porosity values derived from core analysis for the AEB-3D and AEB-3E reservoirs reveal correlation coefficient (r) values of 0.93 and 0.64, respectively, indicating strong linear relationships. Plots of porosity values against permeability values also show strong linear relationships in all the reservoirs indicating that the AEB-3D and the AEB-3E are permeable and with strong pore communication. The permeability measurements indicate restricted reservoir heterogeneity as plots of vertical permeability values against horizontal permeability values exhibit linear trends. Altogether, the reservoir characterization of the Alam El Bueib reservoirs demonstrates their excellent potential for hydrocarbon production.