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Impact of Ecological Factors on Fishery-Biological Parameters of Acipenserids under Arid Conditions of a Closed Water Supply Cycle

Mammaev, M. A., Shikhsabekov, M. M., Rabazanov, N. I., Kurbanov, M. S., Mirzakhanov, M. K., Mammaev, R. M.
Arid ecosystems 2018 v.8 no.1 pp. 78-81
Acipenser ruthenus, arid zones, basins, biomass, blood, dry environmental conditions, ecosystems, oxidative stress, oxygen, pH, stocking rate, water supply, water temperature
The impact of ecological factors (abiotic and biotic) on some fishery-biological parameters is studied with the raising of acipenserids under arid conditions with a closed cycle of water supply (CCWS). The elements of a CCWS include the temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, and an artificial environment with varying oxygen supply. It was found that a significant increase in the content of a marker of oxidative stress is established in the blood of fish raised under a CCWS with an increased oxygen content by the end of experiment (four weeks). An oxygen content below 70% retards growth in the starlet, as food consumption is noticeably decreased. To obtain a high biomass in CCWS complexes, it is necessary to set the water temperature to 21–22°C in the basins of semidesert climate conditions and to have a stocking density of 60 kg/m³ for the commercial growth of sterlet.