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A novel continuous magnetic nano-Fe3O4/perlite fixed bed reactor for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of dyes: reactor structure

Farzaneh Kondori, F., Badii, K., Masoumi, M.E., Golkarnarenji, G.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2018 v.15 no.3 pp. 543-550
catalysts, catalytic activity, hydrogen peroxide, magnetic fields, malachite green, oxidation, pH, particle size, perlite, temperature, wastewater
In the present work, a continuous catalytic wet peroxide oxidation fixed bed reactor was employed to treat a simulated wastewater sample with malachite green dye, as a contaminant. Natural perlite particle-supported nano-Fe₃O₄ catalyst was used as a fixed bed inside a reactor, and it was immobilized by a persistent magnetic field. The range of (perlite) particle sizes was from 100 to 1000 nm. The effects of various operating parameters, including temperature of the reactor, pH, initial hydrogen peroxide concentration and initial dye concentration, were investigated on the percentage removal of malachite green dye. Load of catalyst of 2 g and volumetric flow rate of 1 L/h were selected for all the tests. Maximum malachite green degradation was 99.5 ± 0.3%. This removal percentage was attained at temperature of 80 °C, pH = 6, initial dye concentration of 6 mg/L and initial hydrogen peroxide concentration of 100 mg/L. The process was isotherm, and the catalyst showed high catalytic activity in the steady-state condition. The loss of catalyst was less than 0.3%.