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Process analysis for the carbon dioxide chemical absorption–regeneration system

Madeddu, Claudio, Errico, Massimiliano, Baratti, Roberto
Applied energy 2018 v.215 pp. 532-542
carbon dioxide, energy, heat exchangers, solvents, temperature
The process analysis for the post-combustion CO2 capture using amine-based solvents is nowadays a fundamental step in its industrial scale design. In this work, the absorption-solvent regeneration system is deeply analyzed for different values of the loading in the solvent entering the absorber. The importance of the temperature and composition column profiles is highlighted for both the columns. In particular, the tight connection between the profiles and the L/G ratio is found to influence the choice of solvent flow rate for what concerns the absorber. On the other hand, an alternative configuration for the stripper is proposed together with a new criterion for the evaluation of the packing height. Finally, it is found that, in order to minimize the energy consumption in the stripper, the rich solvent must be sent at the highest possible temperature, taking into account the limitations imposed by the minimum temperature approach in the cross heat-exchanger and the solvent degradation.