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Arabinoxylan-starch-protein interactions in specially modified rye dough during a simulated fermentation process

Buksa, Krzysztof, Łakomy, Anna, Nowotna, Anna, Krystyjan, Magdalena
Food chemistry 2018 v.253 pp. 156-163
arabinoxylan, biopolymers, crosslinking, dough, fermentation, gases, hydrolysis, mixing, molecular weight, rye, rye protein, starch, viscosity
The purpose of the work was to determine which processes occur during fermentation of rye dough beside progressive hydrolysis of biopolymers and production of gases, and also to determine which compounds are most responsible for them. The study was conducted with a specially modified dough containing starch, arabinoxylan preparations (non-modified, hydrolysed and cross-linked) and protein obtained from rye wholemeal.Despite the same consistency of the dough samples, their viscosity and values of rheological parameters depended on the amount of arabinoxylan preparations and their molecular weight. Already at the stage of mixing the dough, high molecular complexes of arabinoxylan-protein and arabinoxylan-arabinoxylan were formed. Complex formation was confirmed in the modified dough preparation with rye starch including only arabinoxylan or rye protein as well as a combination of arabinoxylan and rye protein. The highest amount and molecular dimension of complexes were found in the sample composed of starch, cross-linked arabinoxylan and rye protein.