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Bran characteristics influencing quality attributes of whole wheat Chinese steamed bread

Ma, Fengyun, Lee, Yu Young, Baik, Byung-Kee
Journal of cereal science 2018 v.79 pp. 431-439
arabinoxylan, bran, breads, cluster analysis, dietary fiber, flour, gluten, milling, protein content, soft red winter wheat, starch, stress relaxation
This study investigated the variations in the characteristics of brans obtained from a pilot-scale milling of 17 soft red winter wheat varieties and their influences on the quality of whole wheat northern-style Chinese steamed bread (CSB) prepared from blends of a base flour, brans of different wheat varieties and vital gluten. Protein, starch, total dietary fiber (DF), water extractable arabinoxylan (WEAX) and total phenolic contents of brans ranged from 14.3 to 19.1%, 12.0–19.4%, 43.5–50.3%, 0.69–1.35% and 14.3–18.9 mg/g, respectively. Surface smoothness, crumb structure and stress relaxation scores of whole wheat CSB ranged from 3.0 to 9.5, 6.5–12.5 and 24.3–34.3, respectively. Bran bound and total phenolic contents exhibited negative relationships with CSB surface smoothness and crumb structure. Bran WEAX content showed positive relationships with CSB specific volume, surface smoothness and stress relaxation scores. Bran insoluble DF content was negatively related to CSB stress relaxation score. Bran protein and starch contents showed negative and positive relationships, respectively, with CSB spread ratio score. Cluster analysis of wheat brans based on CSB surface smoothness and crumb structure indicated that bran with a low protein content, low bound and total phenolic contents, and high starch and WEAX contents is desirable for making whole wheat CSB.