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Imparting resiliency in biocomposite production systems: A system dynamics approach

Piri, Imelda Saran, Das, Oisik, Hedenqvist, Mikael S., Väisänen, Taneli, Ikram, Shafaq, Bhattacharyya, Debes
Journal of cleaner production 2018 v.179 pp. 450-459
biocomposites, models, production technology, supply chain
A biocomposite production system (BPS) contains a wide range of elements that are vulnerable to internal as well as external factors that may stimulate a system to be disrupted. Hence, there is a need to manifest resiliency in order to withstand the inevitable change without affecting its robustness and stability. The three aspects of a resilient BPS are interconnectivity, adaptability and transformability. The interconnectivity concept deals with the reliability and effectiveness of the supply chain network and production systems’ resourcefulness. The adaptability aspect reinforces the agility and adjusting capacity of a system towards versatility and flexibility across the range of elements involved in the production system. Transformability deals with the capacity of a system to alter into a new system based on research, innovation and creativity. Therefore, the core aspects of resiliency in a BPS would result in increased stability and effectiveness. System dynamics models have been developed depicting the cause and effect of each of the three aspects. Finally, a model has been presented which could enable researchers and organizations to take guided decision towards a more robust and resilient BPS.