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Inactivation kinetics, structural, and morphological modification of mango soluble acid invertase by high pressure processing combined with mild temperatures

Li, Renjie, Hou, Zhiqiang, Zou, Hui, Wang, Yongtao, Liao, Xiaojun
Food research international 2018 v.105 pp. 845-852
atomic force microscopy, beta-fructofuranosidase, dissociation, high pressure treatment, mangoes, temperature
The activity, structure and morphology of mango soluble acid invertase (SAI) were investigated after high pressure processing (HPP) combined with mild temperature at 50–600MPa and 40–50°C. The activity of mango SAI was efficiently reduced by HPP at 50MPa/45 and 50°C, or 600MPa/40, 45 and 50°C, while it was increased by 10–30% after HPP at 50–200MPa/40°C. Significant antagonistic effect of pressure and temperature on the activity of SAI was observed at 50–400MPa/50°C. The secondary structure of SAI was not influenced by HPP. However, its tertiary structure was modified by HPP, and severer modification occurred with higher pressure, higher temperature, and longer treatment time. Results of atomic force microscope suggested that HPP at 400MPa/50°C for 2.5min induced dissociation of SAI, and HPP at 600MPa/50°C for 30min resulted aggregation of SAI.