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An immunoarray for the simultaneous detection of two mycotoxins, Ochratoxin A and Fumonisin B1

Wang, Xichun, Zhang, Haibin, Liu, Haiming, He, Chenghua, Zhang, Aihua, Ma, Jinrong, Ma, Yanna, Wu, Wenda, Zheng, Hao
Journal of food safety 2011 v.31 no.3 pp. 408-416
analytical specificity, antigens, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, fumonisin B1, humans, new methods, ochratoxin A, toxicity
The two mycotoxins Ochratoxin A (OTA) and Fumonisin B₁ (FB₁) generate substantial global concern due to their toxicity in both humans and animals. Herein we describe the development of an immunoarray to detect these toxins. The immunoarray was prepared by immobilization of two antigen (Ag) conjugates on aldehydized slides. Standard curves were plotted, and the experimental conditions were optimized. The sensitivities were 5.43 ng/mL and 109.06 ng/mL, with detection ranges of 0.1-1 0 and 5-200 ng/mL for OTA and FB₁, respectively, with good logistic and linear correlation (R² > 0.99). Next, unknown samples were detected by immunoarray and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The errors were relatively small for both methods, while the detection range of the immunoarrays was broader and more sensitive than traditional ELISA. The high-throughput immunoarray is a novel method for concurrent analysis of multiple mycotoxins that is technically simple, highly sensitive and relatively inexpensive. The immunoarray technique used in this study provides an analytical tool with the specificity and sensitivity for rapid detection of two mycotoxins, Ochratoxin A and Fumonisin B₁.