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A review on heat and mass transfer coefficients during deep-fat frying: Determination methods and influencing factors

Safari, Afsaneh, Salamat, Razieh, Baik, Oon-Doo
Journal of food engineering 2018 v.230 pp. 114-123
deep fat frying, heat, mass transfer, models, product quality
Deep-fat frying is one of the main methods applied to processing food materials, in which heat and mass transfer take place simultaneously. These phenomena, which govern product quality and safety, are strongly controlled by heat and mass transfer coefficients. They are of great importance in modeling and simulation and are now widely paid attention to in order to optimize and control the process. Several researchers have studied determination techniques and numerous factors influencing heat and mass transfer coefficients during frying, and some contradictory results concerning the effect of parameters on these coefficients have been occasionally reported, which are necessary to be more considered. Some of these inconsistencies could originate from inherent difference of approaches. In this paper, we aim to give a detailed insight into all determination procedures and provide a primary focus on all studied parameters having a significant effect on heat and mass transfer coefficients.