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Evaluation of AVRDC advanced tomato lines with long shelf life and processing ability in Cambodia

Buntong, B., Vanna, S., Mouylin, C., Yim, S., Acedo, A. L., Easdown, W., Hughes, J. A., Keatinge, J. D. H.
Acta horticulturae 2017 no.1179 pp. 323-326
brix, fruits, high-yielding varieties, imports, pulp, shelf life, tomatoes, total soluble solids, Cambodia
Cambodia continues to rely on imports of vegetables including tomatoes to fill the local supply gap. A primary reason for the low domestic production of tomatoes is the lack of appropriate, high-yielding varieties with multiple desirable traits including long shelf life and good processing value. This study evaluated advanced lines of long-shelf-life and processing tomato from the AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center. The local commercial variety 'Mongal' served as the control in both trials. In the long-shelf-life tomato trial, CLN3940, CLN3947 and CLN3949 out-yielded the local control by 4-13 t ha-1. However, fruit shelf life of these lines was shorter than that of the control (23 days). Among processing lines, only CLN3125L-5X65 yielded comparably with the control; the rest had much lower yields. Total soluble solids of all entries were below 5 °Brix. Entries with high pulp yield (88-92%) for sauce processing and at the same time with relatively high yield of about 40 t ha-1 or higher included CLN3682C, CLN3552B and CLN3125L-5X65CLN3669a. These entries will be verified in advanced yield trials.