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The stereotyped positioning of the generative cell associated with vacuole dynamics is not required for male gametogenesis in rice pollen

Huang, Xiaorong, Peng, Xiongbo, Xie, Fei, Mao, Wanying, Chen, Hong, Sun, Meng‐Xiang
Thenew phytologist 2018 v.218 no.2 pp. 463-469
cell movement, cell viability, gametogenesis, gametophytes, male fertility, males, mutation, pollen, pollen germination, rice, spermatozoa, vacuoles
During male gametogenesis in cereals, the generative cell undergoes a positioning process that parallels the dynamics of the central vacuole, which is believed to be associated with generative cell movement in the male gametophyte. However, the impact of the generative cell positioning and the central vacuole dynamics on male gametogenesis has remained poorly understood. Here, we report that OsGCD1 (GAMETE CELLS DEFECTIVE1) dysfunction influenced pollen development and disrupted pollen germination. Loss of function of OsGCD1 altered the central vacuole dynamics and the generative cell was mispositioned. Nevertheless, twin sperm cells were generated normally, indicating that gametogenesis does not rely on positional information as long as a generative cell is produced. The normal vacuole dynamics seems necessary only for pollen maturation and germination. Our findings also indicate that osgcd1 mutation resulted in rice male sterility in which pollen has full cell viability and generated normal gametes, but lacks the potential to germinate.