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Evaluation of New Generation Post-emergence Herbicides in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Nath, C.P., Dubey, R.P., Sharma, A.R., Hazra, K.K., Kumar, Narendra, Singh, S.S.
National Academy science letters 2018 v.41 no.1 pp. 1-5
Chenopodium album, Cicer arietinum, Medicago, Melilotus albus, broadleaf weeds, chickpeas, crop-weed competition, flora, grain yield, imazamox, imazethapyr, manual weed control, pesticide application, phytotoxicity, quizalofop, topramezone
Chickpea faces an extended period of critical weed competition due to its slow initial growth and requires sequential herbicide application to obtain maximum yield. However, no post-emergence herbicides are available especially for controlling broad-leaved weeds. Post-emergence herbicides like topramezone, imazethapyr + imazamox and clodinafop-propargyl + Na-acifluorfen for their phytotoxicity and bio-efficacy was evaluated in chickpea. Phytotoxicity of imazethapyr + imazamox 60 g a.i./ha on chickpea was prolonged and crop recovery was poor. On the contrary, phytotoxicity on crop due to topramezone 40 and 60 g a.i./ha and clodinafop-propargyl + Na-acifluorfen 500 g a.i./ha was minimal (rating < 3) and crop growth were more vigorous after their recovery at 25 days after application of herbicides with satisfactory toxicity on weeds (rating > 6). Significantly lower (P ≤ 0.05) weed population by 66.2 and 54% were recorded in topramezone 60 g a.i./ha and clodinafop-propargyl + Na-acifluorfen 500 g a.i./ha, respectively, over unweeded control at 65 DAS, besides significant reduction in dry weight of weeds. The WCE and WCI were higher in topramezone 60 g a.i./ha (71.6%) at 65 DAS and in clodinafop-propargyl + Na-acifluorfen 500 g a.i./ha at 95 DAS, respectively. Moreover, these had an edge over two hand weeding and quizalofop ethyl 50 g a.i./ha (recommended post-emergence herbicide) in chickpea. Treatments topramezone 40 g a.i./ha and clodinafop-propargyl + Na-acifluorfen 500 g a.i./ha recorded significantly (P ≤ 0.05) higher grain yield by 26.4 and 20.1% over quizalofop ethyl 50 g a.i./ha. Therefore, topramezone and clodinafop propargyl + Na-acifluorfen could be an option for controlling the diversified weed flora particularly broad-leaved weeds like Chenopodium album, Melilotus alba, Medicago denticulata and others in chickpea.