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Field synergy analysis for enhancing heat transfer capability of a novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe

Jiaqiang, E., Zhao, Xiaohuan, Liu, Haili, Chen, Jianmei, Zuo, Wei, Peng, Qingguo
Applied energy 2016 v.175 pp. 218-228
heat transfer, models, temperature, vapors
It is really important for a closed oscillating heat pipe (COHP) system to achieve a higher heat dissipation capacity. In this work, a novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe model with two backward steps is proposed to enhance its heat transfer ability that is attributed to the oscillation cycle in a fixed direction. Volume of fluid (VOF) simulations and related experiments are performed to investigate the vapor, the temperature distribution and the thermal performance of the COHP. Compared with conventional heat pipe, the results indicate that the novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe has advantages in the vapor uniform, the heat transfer and the oscillation motion. Field Synergy Principle (FSP) is employed to investigate the reasons for the improvement of the heat transfer capability of the novel COHP, which provides a better guide for strengthening the heat dissipation capacity of the COHP system.