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Simulated moving bed adsorption process based on a polyethylenimine-silica sorbent for CO2 capture with sensible heat recovery

Jung, Wonho, Park, Junhyung, Won, Wangyun, Lee, Kwang Soon
Energy 2018 v.150 pp. 950-964
adsorption, carbon, carbon dioxide, desorption, energy, heat exchangers, heat recovery, liquefaction, silica, sorbents
A simulated moving bed (SMB) adsorption process with heat integration was numerically investigated and is proposed as a viable option for CO2 capture. An amine-functionalized silica sorbent, 0.37 EB-PEI, was used for the SMB process. The process was configured by directly converting a moving bed process; it consists of four separate stages with internal plate heat exchangers for adsorption, cooling, heating, and desorption. The proposed process was extended to the multi-bed scale for continuous capture of CO2 and full integration of the heat produced during the process. A dynamic simulator was constructed to analyze the process behavior, focusing on the energy demand under various operating conditions. As a result, the proposed SMB process was estimated to require 255 kWh/t-CO2 of energy up to CO2 liquefaction; this work reveals the potential of the SMB process for commercial carbon capture through further improvement of the sorbent material.