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Effects of the methane-inhibitors Nitrophenol, 5-Nitrobenzimidazol and two new synthetic nitrocompounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation

Kheddouma, Asma, Arhab, Rabah, Martín-García, Antonio Ignacio, Aouidane, Laiche, Bouraiou, Abdelmalek
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology 2018 v.14 pp. 160-165
fermentation, methane, methane production, nitrophenols, rumen, rumen fermentation
The objective of this study was to examine the effects of four nitrocompounds (Nitrophenol, 5-Nitrobenzimidazol and two synthetic nitrocompounds ABLE 244 and ABLE 245) on methane production and fermentation characteristics using in vitro rumen batch culture. 0, 2, 8 or 12 µM of each nitrocompound were incubated. The higher concentrations of Nitrophenol and 5-Nitrobenzimidazol produced 60% less CH4 (P < 0.05) compared to controls, while two synthetic nitrocompounds ABLE 244 and ABLE 245 had no effect on CH4 production. Quantification of fermentation end-products indicated that fermentation efficiencies were not compromised by the nitro-treatments.