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Prebiotic flours in dairy food processing: Technological and sensory implications

Santos, Renata O, Silva, Marcus Vinicius F, Nascimento, Kamila O, Batista, Aline L D, Moraes, Jeremias, Andrade, Marlon M, Andrade, Luiz Guilherme Z S, Khosravi‐Darani, Kianoush, Freitas, Monica Q, Raices, Renata S L, Silva, Marcia C, Barbosa Junior, Jose L, Barbosa, Maria Ivone M J, Cruz, Adriano G
International journal of dairy technology 2018 v.71 Suppl S1 pp. 1-10
dairy products, flour, food processing, functional foods, manufacturing, physicochemical properties, prebiotics, probiotics, sensory properties, vegetables
This review aims to evaluate the prebiotic potential of vegetable flours in the manufacture of dairy products and their effects on technological and sensory properties. Overall, studies have shown positive results, not only with regard to the growth of the lactic and/or probiotic bacteria but also for sensory acceptance, rheological and physicochemical properties. In addition, integrated studies focusing on the development of dairy functional foods must be conducted in order to optimise the amount of flour to be added in each dairy food formulation and also to assess the impact of prebiotic flour addition on the intrinsic quality parameters of the dairy products.