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Genetic Transformation of Wheat: State of the Art

Gaponenko, A.K., Mishutkina, Ya.V., Timoshenko, A.A., Shulga, O.A.
Russian journal of genetics 2018 v.54 no.3 pp. 267-283
Agrobacterium radiobacter, DNA, biolistics, genetic transformation, genome, wheat
The review provides the latest achievements in the field of wheat transformation and analysis of the factors affecting transformation efficiency. A comparative analysis of the most commonly used methods of wheat transformation, i.e., direct gene transfer by biolistic transformation and by Agrobacterium tumefaciens in vitro and in planta, is carried out. The stages and components of methods that affect transformation efficiency are examined in detail. Since the first successful biolistic transformation of wheat in 1992 and Agrobacterium- mediated transformation in 1997, 25 to 20 years have passed. Since then, all physical and biological parameters for the heterologous DNA delivery to the wheat genome and regeneration of plant transformants in vitro have been investigated and described in detail. Information on the influence of key parameters and factors on increasing transformation efficiency of highly productive wheat varieties is presented.