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An updated review about carbon dioxide and climate change

Fleming, RexJ.
Environmental earth sciences 2018 v.77 no.6 pp. 262
absorption, carbon dioxide, climate, climate change, equations, magnetic fields
This manuscript will review the essence of the role of CO₂ in the Earth’s atmosphere. The logic of CO₂ involvement in changing the climate will be investigated from every perspective: reviewing the historical data record, examining in further detail the twentieth-century data record, and evaluating the radiation role of CO₂ in the atmosphere—calculating and integrating the Schwarzschild radiation equation with a full complement of CO₂ absorption coefficients. A review of the new theory of climate change—due to the Sun’s magnetic field interacting with cosmic rays, is provided. The application of this new theory is applied to climate-change events within the latter part of the Earth’s interglacial period. The application to the Earth’s Ice Ages is not detailed here due to manuscript size constraints, but is referenced for the reader. The results of this review point to the extreme value of CO₂ to all life forms, but no role of CO₂ in any significant change of the Earth’s climate.