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A cell culture platform for Cryptosporidium that enables long-term cultivation and new tools for the systematic investigation of its biology

Miller, Christopher N., Jossé, Lyne, Brown, Ian, Blakeman, Ben, Povey, Jane, Yiangou, Lyto, Price, Mark, Cinatl, Jindrich, Xue, Wei-Feng, Michaelis, Martin, Tsaousis, Anastasios D.
International journal for parasitology 2018 v.48 no.3-4 pp. 197-201
Cryptosporidium parvum, cell culture, children, diarrhea, immunocompromised population, models, oocysts, parasites, vaccines
Cryptosporidium parasites are a major cause of diarrhoea that pose a particular threat to children in developing areas and immunocompromised individuals. Curative therapies and vaccines are lacking, mainly due to lack of a long-term culturing system of this parasite. Here, we show that COLO-680N cells infected with two different Cryptosporidium parvum strains produce sufficient infectious oocysts to infect subsequent cultures, showing a substantial fold increase in production, depending on the experiment, over the most optimistic HCT-8 models. Oocyst identity was confirmed using a variety of microscopic- and molecular-based methods. This culturing system will accelerate research on Cryptosporidium and the development of anti-Cryptosporidium drugs.