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Palynological characterization, germination potential and pollen tube growth of direct producer hybrids Noah and Othello (Vitis genus)

Padureanu, Silvica, Patras, Antoanela
Flora 2018 v.240 pp. 58-67
Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia, Vitis vinifera, cultivars, genotype, hybrids, palynology, pollen, pollen tubes, sucrose, viticulture
Noah and Othello cultivars are American direct producer hybrids with different genetic origins. Noah is native of Vitis labrusca × Vitis riparia and Othello of (Vitis labrusca × Vitis riparia) × Black Hamburg (Vitis vinifera). Their grape productions are different. Pollen quality is important for grape production. Present research studied the two direct producer hybrids in order to highlight the pollen qualities correlated to genetic substrate of genitors. It presents a holistic approach of the two direct producer hybrids’ pollen, including a brief palynological characterization, germination potential analysis, dynamics of pollen tube growth, stages of pollen tube edification, morphological abnormalities of pollen tubes and main floral elements. The correlations between these characteristics can be used at the grape production appreciation based on pollen quality.Palynological characteristics of the two direct producer hybrids are very similar, as they belong to Vitis genus, even if the genitors are different. Germination potential is higher for Othello cultivar. In vitro, the pollen tube growth is fast and increases significantly within the first 24 h on mediums with 15% and 25% sucrose. It is proved that the longest pollen tubes are correlated with style's length of the flower of the two genotypes. Pollen tube abnormalities are more frequent in Noah than in Othello.