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The influence of selenium and selenoproteins on immune responses of poultry and pigs

Dalgaard, Tina S., Briens, Mickaël, Engberg, Ricarda M., Lauridsen, Charlotte
Animal feed science and technology 2018 v.238 pp. 73-83
birds, immune response, immune system, infectious diseases, oxidative stress, poultry, selenium, selenoproteins, swine, swine production
Selenium is an essential nutrient for poultry and pigs, and is important for a number of physiological processes including regulation and function of the immune system. Through its incorporation into selenoproteins, Se is involved in the regulation of oxidative stress, redox mechanisms, and other crucial cellular processes involved in innate and adaptive immune response.This review provides current knowledge on the mechanisms by which selenium can modulate the resilience to infectious diseases, and how this micronutrient can influence the capacity of the bird or the pig to maintain its productivity during an infectious challenge. In relation to the most frequent and economically important infectious diseases in poultry and pig production, the present paper considers the influence of different selenium sources (organic vs. inorganic Se) as well as dietary concentrations on the immune responses of poultry and pigs with major emphasis on the potential beneficial impact on animal resilience to common infectious diseases.