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Survey for the presence of a vitronectin–like protein in micro‐ and macroalgae and cyanobacteria

Field, Lacey M., Fagerberg, Wayne R., Böttger, S. Anne
Journal of phycology 2018 v.54 no.2 pp. 299-303
Animalia, Chlorophyta, Cyanobacteria, Phaeophyceae, Rhodophyta, embryophytes, glycoproteins, macroalgae, microalgae, surveys
Vitronectin (Vn) is a glycoprotein that serves a wide variety of roles in multicellular organisms. It was first identified in multicellular animals but has also been isolated from land plants and some algae, where it appears to serve as an extracellular adhesive molecule. In order to further elucidate presence and localization of a Vn–like protein and its potential role in algae, we surveyed different morphological regions of 24 species of macro‐ and microalgae and three species of cyanobacteria for the presence of a Vn–like protein. Vn–like proteins were not detected in any of the species of cyanobacteria, microalgae or Rhodophyta investigated. They were detected in several species of the Phaeophyceae and Chlorophyta where their localization was limited to the holdfast and rhizoids of these organisms, respectively. Detection of a Vn–like protein (between 0.0125 and 0.097 μg · μL⁻¹ protein extract) was therefore limited to locations associated with substrate attachment.