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Exploration of the bearing capacity of Taparura Artificial Beach using the standard penetration test

Hamza, Wassim, Cherif, Fethi, Choura, Mohamed
Journal of coastal conservation 2018 v.22 no.2 pp. 315-324
coasts, sediments, Tunisia
This work was undertaken within the framework of an environmental follow-up program of the Taparura zone after completion of depollution and artificial beach nourishment works along a coastline of 6 km in the northern coast of Sfax town, Tunisia. The realized recognition investigation aimed to explore the geomechanical characteristics of the surface sediment in the coastal fringe of the project site by evaluating its bearing capacity up to 500 m in the seaside from the new coastline in order to check the safety of the users. A Standard Penetration Test (SPT) with a penetration of approximately 45 cm concerned a total of 288 coastal stations along the zone. The results provided a detailed description of the geotechnical aspects of the sediment including the bearing capacity of the beach corresponding to the relaxed position on two feet, and the user load in motion on one foot, or half a foot. Finally, prognostic maps were respectively drawn that can serve as a guide for the safety of the beach users in a contribution to a local beach occupation plan.