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Integrated bioethanol production from mixtures of corn and corn stover

Chen, Sitong, Xu, Zhaoxian, Li, Xiujuan, Yu, Jianming, Cai, Mufeng, Jin, Mingjie
Bioresource technology 2018 v.258 pp. 18-25
alkali treatment, biomass, corn, corn stover, enzymatic hydrolysis, ethanol, ethanol fermentation, ethanol production, lignocellulose, mixing
Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass, such as corn stover (CS), to ethanol has encountered issues of inhibition from degradation products, low ethanol titer and low ethanol productivity. This work integrated CS into corn ethanol process for effective conversion. CS was pretreated using either dilute alkali or dilute acid pretreatment. The pretreated CS was enzymatically hydrolyzed and then mixed with liquefied corn for ethanol fermentation. Fermentation strains, substrate mixing ratios and fed-batch strategy were investigated. The mixture of alkali pretreated CS and corn at solids loadings of 10% and 20%, respectively, resulted in 92.30 g/L ethanol. Ethanol titer was further improved to 96.43 g/L with a fed-batch strategy. The mixture of dilute acid pretreated CS and corn achieved a better performance, leading to 104.9 g/L ethanol with 80.47% ethanol yield and a productivity as high as 2.19 g/L/h. This work demonstrated effective conversion of CS and corn together to ethanol.