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Characterized hydrochar of algal biomass for producing solid fuel through hydrothermal carbonization

Park, Ki Young, Lee, Kwanyong, Kim, Daegi
Bioresource technology 2018 v.258 pp. 119-124
algae, biomass, carbon, decarboxylation, dewatering, energy efficiency, energy recovery, fuels, hydrochars, hydrothermal carbonization, renewable energy sources, temperature
The aim of this work was to study the characterized hydrochar of algal biomass to produce solid fuel though hydrothermal carbonization. Hydrothermal carbonization conducted at temperatures ranging from 180 to 270 °C with a 60 min reaction improved the upgrading of the fuel properties and the dewatering of wet-basis biomasses such as algae. The carbon content, carbon recovery, energy recovery, and atomic C/O and C/H ratios in all the hydrochars in this study were improved. These characteristic changes in hydrochar from algal biomass are similar to the coalification reactions due to dehydration and decarboxylation with an increase in the hydrothermal reaction temperature. The results of this study indicate that hydrothermal carbonization can be used as an effective means of generating highly energy-efficient renewable fuel resources using algal biomass.