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The xylooligosaccharide addition and sodium reduction in requeijão cremoso processed cheese

Ferrão, Luana L., Ferreira, Marcus Vinícius S., Cavalcanti, Rodrigo N., Carvalho, Ana Flávia A., Pimentel, Tatiana C., Silva, Hugo L.A., Silva, Ramon, Esmerino, Erick A., Neto, Roberto P.C., Tavares, Maria Inês B., Freitas, Mônica Q., Menezes, Jaqueline C.V., Cabral, Lúcio M., Moraes, Jeremias, Silva, Márcia C., Mathias, Simone P., Raices, Renata S.L., Pastore, Gláucia M., Cruz, Adriano G.
Food research international 2018 v.107 pp. 137-147
arginine, firmness, flavor enhancers, manufacturing, melting, particle size, physicochemical properties, processed cheeses, sensory properties, sodium, taste, viscosity, xylooligosaccharides, yeast extract
The addition of xylooligosaccharide (XOS), sodium reduction and flavor enhancers (arginine and yeast extract) on the manufacture of requeijão cremoso processed cheese was investigated. The addition of XOS resulted in a denser and compact structure, with increased apparent viscosity, elasticity (G′) and firmness (G*). The addition of XOS and yeast extract improved the rheological and physicochemical properties (decrease in viscosity and particle size and increase in melting rate) and sensory characteristics (improvement in salty and acid taste, greater homogeneity, and lower bitter taste). In addition, a positive effect of arginine was observed in the sensory characteristics of the requeijão cremoso processed cheese, but without improvements in the physicochemical and rheological characteristics. Overall, the XOS addition and sodium reduction proportionated the development of a healthier processed cheese formulation.