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Anticonvulsant effect of Marsilea quadrifolia Linn. on pentylenetetrazole induced seizure: A behavioral and EEG study in rats

Sahu, Surajit, Dutta, Goutam, Mandal, Nilotpal, Goswami, Ananda Raj, Ghosh, Tusharkanti
Journal of ethnopharmacology 2012 v.141 no.1 pp. 537-541
Marsilea quadrifolia, anticonvulsants, electroencephalography, epilepsy, ethanol, models, rats, sedatives, seizures
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Marsilea quadrifolia Linn (MQ) extract has been used traditionally as sedative and antiepileptic drug in India. AIM OF THIS STUDY: To investigate the anticonvulsive potential of MQ extracts by using behavior and electroencephalographic (EEG) analysis on pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) induced seizure model in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS: For anticonvulsant effect, 60minutes after administration of MQ, behavior and EEG were analyzed during PTZ (60mg/kg) induced seizures. Changes of EEG power, latency of onset of seizure, seizure severity score, and duration of epileptic seizure were determined. RESULTS: Both the water and ethanol extract of MQ increased the latency of seizure but also decreased duration of epileptic seizure and seizure severity score. This reduction of seizure severity was also observed in EEG recording and EEG power analysis. The effectiveness of MQ ethanol extract is better than MQ water extract. CONCLUSION: Both water and ethanol extract of MQ were effective in reducing the severity of behavioral and EEG seizures induced by PTZ in rats. This study justifies the traditional use of this plant in epilepsy.