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Characterization of Organic Matter in Compost Produced with Municipal Solid Wastes: An Italian Approach

Ciavatta, Claudio, Govi, Marco, Sequi, Paolo
Compost science & utilization 1993 v.1 no.1 pp. 75-81
carbon, composting, humification, isoelectric focusing, municipal solid waste, organic matter, winter, Italy
Stabilization of the organic matter of a static pile of compost from municipal solid wastes (MSW) under a forced-pressure ventilation composting system was followed for 55 days during winter season. The materials were analyzed according to the official methodologies required by Italian regulations regarding the quality of composts from MSW. The stabilization process of the organic matter was monitored using both the degree of humification (DH), i.e. the ratio between the humified fractions (HA + FA) and the total extractable carbon (TEC), and the electrofocusing technique (EF). The DH increased steadily in compost during stabilization process and converged asymptotically at the end of the period of composting. The EF analyses of the organic extracts of compost from MSW showed a definite trend in the humification process and confirmed the actual evolution of the organic matter composted.