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FIA-MS/MS determination of creatinine in urine samples undergoing butylation

Jurdáková, Helena, Górová, Renáta, Addová, Gabriela, Šalingová, Anna, Ostrovský, Ivan
Analytical biochemistry 2018 v.549 pp. 113-118
biomarkers, butylation, creatine, creatinine, derivatization, humans, mass spectrometry, medicine, urine
Flow injection analysis-tandem mass spectrometry has become widely used for analysis of many biomarkers in various biological matrices. To improve the sensitivity, the compounds are often determined as their butylesters. Since the concentration of urinary excreted compounds are generally reported after normalization to creatinine, the aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of creatinine determination in urine samples which underwent butylation. The impact of derivatization on urinary creatinine determination was investigated by measuring of underivatized and derivatized samples. The 10% creatine to creatinine conversion was observed during butylation, what above 700 μmol creatine/mmol creatinine caused significant creatinine overestimation. In that case, correction for creatine conversion rate was done. QC samples at six concentration levels were examined and precision and accuracy values fulfill the European Medicine Agency validation requirements. The elaborated method was applied for determination of creatinine in 41 real human urine samples. Determined creatinine concentrations were in the range of 0.27–22.3 mmol/L, linearity was confirmed within the concentration range of 0.27–31.7 mmol/L. Obtained results highly correlated with routinely used enzymatic assay for all tested samples and proposed method provide reliable determination of creatinine in butylated urine in a single run with butylesters of other analytes of interest.