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Optimization of the microwave-assisted enzymatic extraction of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. polysaccharides using response surface methodology and its antioxidant and α-d-glucosidase inhibitory activity

Wang, Huizhu, Li, Yan, Ren, Zhihui, Cong, Zhongcheng, Chen, Mengjie, Shi, Lin, Han, Xu, Pei, Jin
International journal of biological macromolecules 2018 v.112 pp. 473-482
Rosa roxburghii, antioxidant activity, antioxidants, arabinose, cellulose, derivatization, enzymatic treatment, enzyme inhibition, fucose, galactose, galacturonic acid, glucosamine, glucose, glucuronic acid, high performance liquid chromatography, mannose, microwave treatment, response surface methodology, rhamnose, ribose
An extraction assay applying microwave-assisted enzymatic treatment for polysaccharides in Rosa roxburghii was developed using response surface methodology. The process parameters were optimized using Plackett-Burman (PB) design and central composite design to enhance the Rosa roxburghii polysaccharide extraction yield. Specific conditions (microwave power, 575W; microwave time, 18min; liquid-to-material ratio, 13.5:1mL/g; and enzyme dose, 6.5g/mL) generated an experimental yield of 36.21±0.62%, which closely agreed with the predicted value of 35.75%. Purification with a DEAE-52 cellulose column generated two fractions, PR-1 (from 6.2×103 to 7.4KDa) and PR-2 (from 559.8 to 106.6KDa). Subsequently, the antioxidant activity and α-d-glucosidase inhibitory activity of the two polysaccharide fractions were assessed; PR-1 exhibited stronger antioxidant activity and α-d-glucosidase inhibitory activity than PR-2. Finally, the monosaccharide composition of PR-1 was determined by HPLC using a 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone precolumn derivatization method. The result showed that PR-1 contained mannose, ribose, rhamnose, glucosamine hydrochloride, glucuronic acid, galacturonic acid, glucose, galactose, arabinose and fucose with molar percentages of 2.1%, 0.54%, 2.1%, 0.26%, 1.5%, 22.7%, 24.0%, 26.4%, 19.6% and 0.89%, respectively.