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The SWI/SNF subunit SWI3B regulates IAMT1 expression via chromatin remodeling in Arabidopsis leaf development

Han, Wenxing, Han, Danlu, He, Zhipeng, Hu, Huan, Wu, Qian, Zhang, Juanjuan, Jiang, Jieming, Qin, Genji, Cui, Yuhai, Lai, Jianbin, Yang, Chengwei
Plant science 2018 v.271 pp. 127-132
Arabidopsis thaliana, RNA, RNA interference, databases, digestion, indole acetic acid, introns, leaf development, leaves, metabolism, methyltransferases, micrococcal nuclease, nucleosomes, phenotype
The SWI/SNF complex is crucial to chromatin remodeling in various biological processes in different species, but the distinct functions of its components in plant development remain unclear. Here we uncovered the role of SWI3B, a subunit of the Arabidopsis thaliana SWI/SNF complex, via RNA interference. Knockdown of SWI3 B resulted in an upward-curling leaf phenotype. Further investigation showed that the RNA level of IAA carboxyl methyltransferase 1 (IAMT1), encoding an enzyme involved in auxin metabolism, was dramatically elevated in the knockdown (SWI3B-RNAi) plants. In addition, activation of IAMT1 produced a leaf-curling phenotype similar to that of the SWI3B-RNAi lines. Database analysis suggested that the last intron of IAMT contains a site of polymerase V (Pol V) stabilized nucleosome, which may be associated with SWI3B. Data from a micrococcal nuclease (MNase) digestion assay showed that nucleosome occupancy around this site was downregulated in the leaves of SWI3B-RNAi plants. In addition, knockdown of IAMT1 in the SWI3B-RNAi background repressed the abnormal leaf development. Thus, SWI3B-mediated chromatin remodeling is critical in regulating the expression of IAMT1 in leaf development.