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Comparative performances of lactoferrin-loaded liposomes under in vitro adult and infant digestion models

Liu, Weilin, Lu, Junmeng, Ye, Aiqian, Xu, Qingqing, Tian, Mengmeng, Kong, Youyu, Wei, Fuqiang, Han, Jianzhong
Food chemistry 2018 v.258 pp. 366-373
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, adults, encapsulation, free fatty acids, hydrolysis, in vitro digestion, infant foods, infants, intestines, lactoferrin, models, moieties, pH, phospholipids, stomach, transmission electron microscopy
There remain gaps in our understanding of the fate of liposomes in the infant gastrointestinal tract, especially regarding essential proteins such as lactoferrin. Models in vitro that mirrored digestion in the stomach and intestine of infants and adults were used to explore the behaviour of lactoferrin-loaded liposomes. The liposomes behaved differently in these environments, with less hydrolysis of encapsulated lactoferrin under infant model conditions. Compared to the adult model (1000 ± 66 μM mL−1), fewer free fatty acids were released (500 ± 43 μM mL−1) from liposomal bilayers and there was less alteration in functional groups of phospholipids membranes, based on pH and FTIR after infant model digestion. Particle tracking analysis and TEM supported the reduced damage of particle structure under infant model conditions. This work provides information on the stability of functional protein-loaded liposomes during digestion, and shows the potential of liposomes to be nutrient carriers in infant foods.