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87Sr/86Sr isotopes in grapes of different cultivars: A geochemical tool for geographic traceability of agriculture products

Tescione, Ines, Marchionni, Sara, Casalini, Martina, Vignozzi, Nadia, Mattei, Massimo, Conticelli, Sandro
Food chemistry 2018 v.258 pp. 374-380
cultivars, foods, grapes, isotopes, organic production, provenance, rocks, soil, traceability, vines, vineyards
87Sr/86Sr was determined on fresh red and white grapes, soils and rocks from three selected vineyards to verify the isotopic relationships between the fruit of the vine and geologic substrata of vineyards. 87Sr/86Sr were determined on sampled grapes of four different harvest years and different grape varieties, on bioavailable fraction of soils, on whole soils, and on bedrocks from the geo-pedological substratum of the vineyards. The vineyards chosen for the experimental works belong to an organic farming winery and thus cultivation procedures were strictly controlled.Grapes were sampled during the harvests of four different but consecutive years with 87Sr/86Sr that does not change reflecting the values of the soil bioavailable fraction. No variations among grapes from different vine cultivars were observed. A strict isotope relationship with soil bio-available fraction was observed. These findings demonstrate the reliability of 87Sr/86Sr, even at a very small scale, for food products geographic origin assessment.