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Citric acid, sucrose and Cu2+ as potential vase treatments for cut Acacia holosericea G. Don foliage stems

Mohd Rafdi, Husni H., Joyce, Daryl C., Irving, Donald E., Gantait, Subhendu S.
Journal of horticultural science & biotechnology 2018 v.93 no.1 pp. 73-80
Acacia holosericea, citric acid, copper, cut flowers, cut foliage, leaves, postharvest treatment, stems, sucrose, vase life, wilting
The short vase life of Acacia holosericea cut stems needs to be improved before they are marketable as cut foliage for floral arrangement. The effects of citric acid, Cu2+ and sucrose were investigated for their efficacy in postharvest treatments to extend vase life of the cut stems. Five experiments were conducted involved combinations of citric acid either with Cu2+ or sucrose. Vase life, relative fresh weight (RFW), and vase solution uptake were measured as indicators of cut stem quality. The effect of Cu2+ alone was shown to be consistently superior in improving vase life by up to 1.9-fold as compared with deionised water control. Citric acid had a smaller effect than Cu2+ and did not act synergistically with Cu2+. Sucrose on its own or in combination with citric acid did not improve vase life significantly; instead sucrose promoted early wilting or desiccation of the cut foliage.