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Development of gluten-free rice bread: Pickering stabilization as a possible batter-swelling mechanism

Yano, Hiroyuki, Fukui, Akiko, Kajiwara, Keiko, Kobayashi, Isao, Yoza, Koh-ichi, Satake, Akiyoshi, Villeneuve, Masumi
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2017 v.79 pp. 632-639
additives, batters, dough, emulsions, foams, food processing, gluten-free foods, ingredients, microstructure, rice, rice flour, starch, surface tension, wheat
In this study we sought to develop gluten-free rice bread without using additives. Breads with high specific volume, comparative to wheat bread, around 4 cm3/g, were obtained when rice flour with low starch damage (<5 g/100 g) was used as an ingredient. Microstructure analyses of the bubble wall in the fermenting batter revealed a “stone-wall” like structure resembling the microstructure of Pickering emulsion rather than that of typical wheat dough. Moreover, the surface tension of the dispersed solution of flour with low starch damage (4.7 g/100 g) was as low as 35 mN/m, while that of flour with high starch damage (9.8 g/100 g) was 47 mN/m. These data with the results of dynamic modulus measurements suggested a hypothetical mechanism in which Pickering stabilization facilitated swelling of the batter/bread. This paper proposes a possible example of Pickering foam/emulsion in food processing.