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Relationship of the conception rate and the side (left or right) of preovulatory follicle location at artificial insemination in dairy heifers

Miura, Ryotaro, Izumi, Taiki
Animal science journal = 2018 v.89 no.2 pp. 328-331
artificial insemination, conception rate, dairy heifers, estrus, pregnancy, semen
In this study, we examined the locational effect (left or right ovary) of the preovulatory follicle (PF) on fertility in dairy heifers. In total, 1,111 artificial inseminations (AI) were analyzed. At AI, PF locations were examined using rectal palpation, and heifers were divided into two groups on their PF locations: (i) the PF located in the left ovary (L‐PF); and (ii) the PF located in the right ovary (R‐PF). Pregnancy was diagnosed by rectal palpation 60 days after AI. The conception rate was 50.7% in all heifers. Conception rate was significantly higher in the L‐PF (60.1%) than in the R‐PF (46.2%). The conception rate was significantly lower by sexed semen (48.6%) than conventional semen (59.1%). Conception rates divided by the semen type (sexed: n = 896, conventional: n = 215) were significantly higher in the L‐PF than in the R‐PF for both semen types (sexed; L‐PF vs. R‐PF: 57.3% vs. 44.4%, conventional; L‐PF vs. R‐PF: 72.3% vs. 53.3%). In addition, season, age, AI number, and the number of re‐inseminations at the same estrus did not affect conception rates. In summary, PF development in the left ovary was associated with increased conception rates in dairy heifers.