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Social defeat models in animal science: What we have learned from rodent models

Toyoda, Atsushi
Animal science journal = 2017 v.88 no.7 pp. 944-952
abnormal behavior, animal models, animal production, animal stress, animal welfare, behavior disorders, functional foods, humans, metabolism, nutrition, psychosocial factors
Studies on stress and its impacts on animals are very important in many fields of science, including animal science, because various stresses influence animal production and animal welfare. In particular, the social stresses within animal groups have profound impact on animals, with the potential to induce abnormal behaviors and health problems. In humans, social stress induces several health problems, including psychiatric disorders. In animal stress models, social defeat models are well characterized and used in various research fields, particularly in studies concerning mental disorders. Recently, we have focused on behavior, nutrition and metabolism in rodent models of social defeat to elucidate how social stresses affect animals. In this review, recent significant progress in studies related to animal social defeat models are described. In the field of animal science, these stress models may contribute to advances in the development of functional foods and in the management of animal welfare.