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Compatible above-ground biomass equations and carbon stock estimation for small diameter Turkish pine (Pinus brutia Ten.)

Sakici, Oytun Emre, Kucuk, Omer, Ashraf, Muhammad Irfan
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2018 v.190 no.5 pp. 285
Pinus brutia, aboveground biomass, carbon sinks, equations, fire behavior, forest management, forests, fuels, models, planning, prediction, saplings, stemwood, tree and stand measurements, Turkey (country)
Small trees and saplings are important for forest management, carbon stock estimation, ecological modeling, and fire management planning. Turkish pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) is a common coniferous species and comprises 25.1% of total forest area of Turkey. Turkish pine is also important due to its flammable fuel characteristics. In this study, compatible above-ground biomass equations were developed to predict needle, branch, stem wood, and above-ground total biomass, and carbon stock assessment was also described for Turkish pine which is smaller than 8 cm diameter at breast height or shorter than breast height. Compatible biomass equations are useful for biomass prediction of small diameter individuals of Turkish pine. These equations will also be helpful in determining fire behavior characteristics and calculating their carbon stock. Overall, present study will be useful for developing ecological models, forest management plans, silvicultural plans, and fire management plans.