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Comparison of three systems for automatic grain angle determination on European hardwood for construction use

Schlotzhauer, Philipp, Wilhelms, Fritz, Lux, Christian, Bollmus, Susanne
European journal of wood and wood products 2018 v.76 no.3 pp. 911-923
Picea, electric field, hardwood, softwood, tracheids
This paper aims to sketch the research results on machine grain angle determination on six indigenous hardwoods and spruce as reference. The system widely used for softwood grain angle determination (tracheid effect) is only restrictedly suitable for hardwoods. Therefore, the systems microwave scanning and electrical field strength measurement were tested as well as the above-mentioned tracheid effect with optimized settings. The measured grain angles were compared to visually determined splitting angles (reference angles). All three machine systems give reliable grain angle values for spruce. For oak, the tracheid effect is not applicable. The reference angle splitting contains weaknesses. Nonetheless, high coefficients of determination (R²) indicate a functioning automatic measurement system. Thus, it can be concluded that for the majority of the tested species automatic grain angle determination is possible. Ash does not show satisfactory results.