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Early emergence of the FtsH proteases involved in photosystem II repair

Shao, S., Cardona, T., Nixon, P. J.
Photosynthetica 2018 v.56 no.1 pp. 163-177
gene duplication, oxidation, photosynthetic bacteria, photosystem II, phylogeny, proteinases, proteins, thylakoids
Efficient degradation of damaged D1 during the repair of PSII is carried out by a set of dedicated FtsH proteases in the thylakoid membrane. Here we investigated whether the evolution of FtsH could hold clues to the origin of oxygenic photosynthesis. A phylogenetic analysis of over 6000 FtsH protease sequences revealed that there are three major groups of FtsH proteases originating from gene duplication events in the last common ancestor of bacteria, and that the FtsH proteases involved in PSII repair form a distinct clade branching out before the divergence of FtsH proteases found in all groups of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria. Furthermore, we showed that the phylogenetic tree of FtsH proteases in phototrophic bacteria is similar to that for Type I and Type II reaction centre proteins. We conclude that the phylogeny of FtsH proteases is consistent with an early origin of photosynthetic water oxidation chemistry.