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Immunogenicity evaluation of inactivated virus and purified proteins of porcine circovirus type 2 in mice

Liu, Xiaohui, Ouyang, Ting, Ma, Teng, Ouyang, Hongsheng, Pang, Daxin, Ren, Linzhu
BMC veterinary research 2018 v.14 no.1 pp. 137
Porcine circovirus-2, antigens, antiserum, average daily gain, immune response, mice, neutralizing antibodies, proteins, vaccination, vaccines, veterinary medicine, viruses
BACKGROUND: Vaccination is considered as an effective and economical way to against PCV2 infection. However, some of commercial available vaccines are based on inactivated viruses, while the others are based on purified protein of PCV2. In the present study, we aimed to compare the immunogenicity of inactivated virus and purified proteins of porcine circovirus type 2 in mice. RESULTS: The results showed that positive antiserum titers were significantly increased after second, third and fourth immunization using inactivated PCV2 or purified proteins as coating antigen. Moreover, the inactivated PCV2 induced significantly higher levels of PCV2-specific antibodies than that of PCV2 subunit proteins. After PCV2 wild strain challenged, the average daily gain was comparable with that of mice in the mock group, and the sera from both inactivated PCV2-immunized animals and subunit protein Cap+ORF3 + Rep immunized animals had significantly higher neutralizing antibody titers than that of the PBS group. As expected, the neutralizing antibody in the inactivated PCV2 group was significantly higher than that of the subunit protein group. These results indicated that positive antiserum induced by the inactivated PCV2 had a better reactivity and specificity than that of the positive antiserum induced by the purified proteins. CONCLUSIONS: The results in the present study demonstrated inactivated PCV2 is more effective than PCV2 subunit proteins in stimulating immune response to against PCV2 infection.