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An easy-to-use calculating machine to simulate steady state and non-steady-state preparative separations by multiple dual mode counter-current chromatography with semi-continuous loading of feed mixtures

Kostanyan, Artak E., Shishilov, Oleg N.
Journal of chromatography 2018 v.1552 pp. 92-98
countercurrent chromatography, data analysis, equipment performance, solutes
Multiple dual mode counter-current chromatography (MDM CCC) separation processes with semi-continuous large sample loading consist of a succession of two counter-current steps: with “x” phase (first step) and “y” phase (second step) flow periods. A feed mixture dissolved in the “x” phase is continuously loaded into a CCC machine at the beginning of the first step of each cycle over a constant time with the volumetric rate equal to the flow rate of the pure “x” phase. An easy-to-use calculating machine is developed to simulate the chromatograms and the amounts of solutes eluted with the phases at each cycle for steady-state (the duration of the flow periods of the phases is kept constant for all the cycles) and non-steady-state (with variable duration of alternating phase elution steps) separations. Using the calculating machine, the separation of mixtures containing up to five components can be simulated and designed. Examples of the application of the calculating machine for the simulation of MDM CCC processes are discussed.