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The unaccountability case of plastic pellet pollution

Karlsson, Therese M., Arneborg, Lars, Broström, Göran, Almroth, Bethanie Carney, Gipperth, Lena, Hassellöv, Martin
Marine pollution bulletin 2018 v.129 no.1 pp. 52-60
accountability, case studies, coasts, models, pellets, water pollution
Plastic preproduction pellets are found in environmental samples all over the world and their presence is often linked to spills during production and transportation. To better understand how these pellets end up in the environment we assessed the release of plastic pellets from a polyethylene production site in a case study area on the Swedish west coast. The case study encompasses; field measurements to evaluate the level of pollution and pathways, models and drifters to investigate the potential spread and a revision of the legal framework and the company permits. This case study show that millions of pellets are released from the production site annually but also that there are national and international legal frameworks that if implemented could help prevent these spills. Bearing in mind the negative effects observed by plastic pollution there is an urgent need to increase the responsibility and accountability of these spills.