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Effects of exogenous phenolic acids on photosystem functions and photosynthetic electron transport rate in strawberry leaves

Lu, X.F., Zhang, H., Lyu, S.S., Du, G.D., Wang, X.Q., Wu, C.H., Lyu, D.G.
Photosynthetica 2018 v.56 no.2 pp. 616-622
Fragaria ananassa, electron transport chain, leaves, oxygen evolving complex, photochemistry, photosynthetic electron transport, phthalic acid, quinones, seedlings, strawberries, syringic acid, toxicity, water use efficiency
Our study investigated the physiological and biochemical basis for the effects of exogenous phenolic acids on the function of the photosynthetic apparatus and photosynthetic electron transport rate in strawberry seedlings. Potted seedlings of the strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) were used. Syringic acid inhibited net photosynthetic rate and water-use efficiency decreased. Additionally, primary quinone electron acceptor of the PSII reaction centre, the PSII reaction centre and the oxygen evolving complex were also impaired. Both the maximum quantum yield of the PSII primary photochemistry and the performance index on absorption basis were depressed, resulting in reduced function of the photosynthetic electron transport chain. Otherwise, low phthalic acid concentrations enhanced photosynthetic capacity, while high concentrations showed opposite effects. Syringic acid exhibited a higher toxic effect than that of phthalic acid which was more evident at higher concentrations.