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Effects of excess cadmium in soil on JIP-test parameters, hydrogen peroxide content and antioxidant activity in two maize inbreds and their hybrid

Franić, M., Galić, V., Mazur, M., Šimić, D.
Photosynthetica 2018 v.56 no.2 pp. 660-669
antioxidant activity, cadmium, chlorophyll, corn, developmental stages, fluorescence, hybrids, hydrogen peroxide, photosynthesis, phytotoxicity, soil
Excessive cadmium (Cd) content in soil leads to a number of phytotoxic effects and challenges agricultural production. Aim of this study was to investigate different responses of two maize inbreds and their hybrid to an elevated Cd content in soil by measuring photosynthetic and biochemical activity and to identify a Cd tolerance mechanism. Antioxidant statusrelated parameters varied significantly between inbreds and treatments. Dry mass increased in both inbreds, but remained unchanged in hybrid. After the Cd treatment, parameters of chlorophyll a fluorescence varied between inbreds and hybrid performance was similar to inbred B84. We concluded that inbred B84 is Cd-sensitive compared to Os6-2, which did not appear to be negatively affected by Cd treatment at this growth stage studied. We suspect that due to a dilution effect in the hybrid, there was no or very weak Cd stress detected by biochemical parameters, although stress was detected by chlorophyll a fluorescence.