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Effect of static magnetic field pretreatment on growth, photosynthetic performance and yield of soybean under water stress

Baghel, L., Kataria, S., Guruprasad, K.N.
Photosynthetica 2018 v.56 no.2 pp. 718-730
adverse effects, biomass production, chlorophyll, crop yield, energy, enzyme activity, flowering, fluorescence, magnetic fields, nitrate reductase, photosystem II, physiological response, pigments, plant growth, seeds, soybeans, water stress
In order to evaluate the effect of static magnetic field (SMF) on morphological and physiological responses of soybean to water stress, plants were grown under well-watered (WW) and water-stress (WS) conditions. The adverse effects of WS given at different growth stages was found on growth, yield, and various physiological attributes, but WS at the flowering stage severely decreased all of above parameters in soybean. The result indicated that SMF pretreatment to the seeds significantly increased the plant growth attributes, biomass accumulation, and photosynthetic performance under both WW and WS conditions. Chlorophyll a fluorescence transient from SMF-treated plants gave a higher fluorescence yield at J–I–P phase. Photosynthetic pigments, efficiency of PSII, performance index based on absorption of light energy, photosynthesis, and nitrate reductase activity were also higher in plants emerged from SMF-pretreated seeds which resulted in an improved yield of soybean. Thus SMF pretreatment mitigated the adverse effects of water stress in soybean.